Now every business can use Brite for Brands to power
their own custom-branded loyalty and rewards app.

Other loyalty services feature you – and your competitors – on their mobile apps. Brite gives you the tools to build your own custom mobile app and take control of your customer relationships.

What We Do


Your custom app automatically re-engages customers who have not visited your business in 30 or 60 days and offers an incentive to return.


Unlike check-in programs that let customers record their own visits, Brite only counts real, verified sales. Forget those cumbersome punch cards or kiosks. Customers simply download your custom app and check in directly from their mobile phones.

In-Depth Analytics

Simple, straightforward analytics show you how your app is performing. See how many customers are participating, how many points have been given out and what offers are the most popular. Use this data to increase traffic during slow periods and watch your repeat business grow.

Announce News
& Offers

Stay connected to customers, anywhere they are by sending push notifications and SMS text messages. You can even target specific customer groups based on their location and/or activity at your business.

Something To
Talk About

Did you know that businesses are using music as an engagement tool? Brite includes custom playlists that are curated specifically for your business. Now custom-branded music marketing campaigns are available to everyone – not just Fortune 500 companies.
Features For Business Owners

Check In

Customers check in upon each purchase. Shown

Accrue Points

Each check in earns the customer points which accrue. Show Screen

Achieve Discount

Once a specified amount of points are earned, a discount is achieved. Show Screen

Cash In!

Customers can cash in their entire discount amount, use less, or continue earning points to accrue a larger discount. Show Screen

Verified Sales

Only counts real, verified sales.


Provide customers a quick and easy way to explore the menu. Show Screen

Store Locator

Help customers quickly and easily find the nearest store. Show Screen


Customers simply download the app and check in directly from their mobile phone.

In-Depth Analytics

Simple, straightforward analytics show you how your app is performing. Show Screen

No Punch Cards

No cumbersome punch cards or kiosks.
Benefits to Business Owners

You're Always
In Control

You control what you’re giving away. Set the discounts, offers and rewards that make the most sense for your business.

A Complete Loyalty & Engagement Suite

Your app is made to order. When you sign up, one of our loyalty specialists will help you design a progra mtailored to your individual business needs and goals. It’s your program, powered by Brite.


Your app identifies each customer by name and status, so your staff can make everyone feel at home.